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Summer Camps: Communicating with campers

Gaining a sense of independence is one of the big benefits of summer camp, but families at home usually enjoy keeping in touch with campers as a way of sharing in the camp experience.

The American Camp Association offers these tips for communicating with campers while they are away:

• Give your child pre-addressed, stamped envelopes or postcards so he or she can keep you informed of camp activities.

• Drop a note or postcard in the mail in advance of camp so there will be a personalized touch of home waiting when your child arrives.

• When corresponding with campers, avoid mentioning how much parents, siblings, relatives and even pets miss them.

• Resist the urge to call the camp and check on your child. Remember that counselors are trained to help campers adjust to camp life.

• Many camps now offer families the opportunity to “check in” on their campers by posting electronic photos and videos of daily camp activities to their websites.

• Check with the camp director prior to camp to find out specific policies regarding what, if any, electronics are allowed at camp and how the camp prefers families handle correspondence.

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