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Combating tax fraud

St. Peters police are asking for help from residents in combating the kind of tax fraud that a growing number of them may be experiencing this year.

Police Chief Jeff Finkelstein told the city’s Board of Aldermen at their March 12 meeting that residents should notify them if they have experienced tax fraud. Finkelstein said identity theft has been a major concern, particularly the filing of illegal tax returns. The use of a person’s social security number or other forms of identification can result in the filing of a fraudulent tax return to obtain a tax refund. Finkelstein asked that residents share information with police if they received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating that someone filed a tax return in their name without their permission or if they received a code from the IRS Residents are asked to file a police report which the city will send to an IRS task force that is investigating the problem, he said.

Finkelstein said the city, like other parts of the county, is not immune to identity theft. So far this year, police have worked 112 cases of tax fraud, including a number involving identify theft and the filing of illicit tax returns.

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