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More options for mental health care

To the Editor:

I just read your article “Breaking Barriers – Opening up the discussion on mental health” in the March 11 issue of the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. While it was a wonderful article, I was disappointed to see that nowhere in your article was Crider Health Center mentioned.

Although you may not be aware, Crider Health Center is a local provider of mental health services including school-based, community-based and outpatient counseling and psychiatry for both adults and children. We provide a broad spectrum of services for those with severe and persistent mental illness among a targeted population of individuals on Medicaid or without insurance. In addition, we provide other services, such as primary care and dental, with an integrated approach to care that enables us to treat the whole person. We have a number of clinic locations and community-based services throughout St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln and Franklin counties. Through our innovative approach to care, we’ve been able to provide services to more people in need and help save the state significant dollars. Most importantly, we’ve saved countless lives.

I know your publication has a broad reach in our community and I’m concerned that someone in need of help who may have read your article may now be under the impression that there is nowhere to turn.

It is absolutely true that resources are limited in the area of mental health. The stigma attached to this makes seeking help even more difficult for those in need. However, the situation isn’t hopeless, and that is what I’d like to share with you.

Sarah Javier

Crider Health Center

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