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Annual dinner benefits local student, technology

In keeping with tradition, Daniel Boone Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) held a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for technology needs in the school and, more importantly, a student in need.

Anthony Kofron, who was struck by a motor vehicle on Halloween night, was the recipient of the school’s generosity. Although currently home-schooled due to his therapy and recovery needs, Kofron continues to work hard on his studies.

“I couldn’t be more proud of how our school community has come together to help support one of our students in the Francis Howell School District. Our families have generously donated time, food, and money to a very worthy cause,” said Daniel Boone Principal Kevin Armour.

Daniel Boone PTO President Trisha Waters agreed.

“We want our children to be kind and responsible,” Waters said. “These are core values set forward in the Francis Howell School District. We encourage helping friends and working hard on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to show our kids that we, as adults, are not exempt from this behavior. We want them to see the sense of community that comes from helping a friend, even if you have never met them before. We want them to practice this in their lives now and as they become the leaders of our community.”

Funds from the spaghetti dinner are also helping complete Daniel Boone’s technology carts. The PTO has strived to help Daniel Boone stay on the cutting edge of technology use in the classroom, helping the school purchase SMART Boards for each classroom, and several iPads and Chromebooks.

“Our current goal is to round out the carts so that an entire grade level can work at the same time on the same device, without sharing,” Waters said. “We think our children need the ability to ‘touch and do’ with technology, to help them to keep up in the future. Having a working knowledge of how to navigate Apple and Android systems is a part of everyday life. We want our children to have that at their fingertips so that they are equipped for college and the working world.”

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