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What is ‘Global Days’?

492365713St. Charles Community College will host a series of events to celebrate Global Days Feb. 24-26. All events are free and open to the public, and will  take place in the Daniel J. Conoyer Social Sciences Building auditorium unless otherwise noted.

Global Days is designed to recognize diversity on the SCC campus and throughout the world in a fun and educational way. Events include:

Understanding the Ending Gendercide in India
1 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 24
Vi Rajagopalan, SCC professor of psychology, will examine gendercide in India from the socio-economic and cultural contexts. She will also discuss possible ways to stop this horrific practice by increasing awareness and education of girls in India.

“It’s a Girl” film
7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 24
In India, China and many other parts of the world today, girls are killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called “gendercide.” Girls who survive infancy are often subject to neglect, and many grow up to face extreme violence and even death at the hands of their own husbands or other family members. The war against girls is rooted in centuries-old tradition and sustained by deeply ingrained cultural dynamics which, in combination with government policies, accelerate the elimination of girls. Shot on location in India and China, It’s a Girl reveals the issue. It asks why this is happening and why so little is being done to save girls and women. The film tells the stories of abandoned and trafficked girls, of women who suffer extreme dowry-related violence, of brave mothers fighting to save their daughters’ lives and of other mothers who would kill for a son.

“Cultures Around the World” sponsored by SCC’s Global Student Network
11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 25
Delve into other cultures by sampling ethnic fare, viewing traditional crafts and clothing, listening to other countries’ music and playing new and interesting games. SCC’s English as a Second Language and international students will explain the showcases. This event will be held in Scooter’s Place in the Student Center.

“The Muslims are Coming!” film and Q&A
6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 25
The Muslims are Coming! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians as they visit big cities, small towns, rural villages and everything in between to combat Islamophobia! These comics not only perform standup at each tour stop, but create ridiculous interventions in unsuspecting town squares, like “Ask a Muslim Booth.” Throughout the film, comedy icons like Jon Stewart, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Colin Quinn, Lewis Black, Aasif Mandvi and broadcast heavy weights like Rachel Maddow, Russell Simmons, Soledad O’Brien, Ali Velshi and The Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur comment on the power of comedy and the political scope of bigotry.

Between the Covers book club
2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 25
Join Between the Covers Book Club as they discuss their February book, California, by Edan Lepucki. The meeting will be in the Learning Resource Center Information Commons in SCC’s Campus.

“What is the True Price of Security?” The real life questions raised by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”
1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26
This panel will discuss the various real-life implications of issues brought up in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Possible issues will include a discussion of the U.S. government’s efforts after World War II to smuggle Nazi scientists, many of them war criminals, into the United States to help kick-start various Cold War programs, the geo-political consequences of the U.S. targeted droning program and the legality of applying said program to American citizens.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” film
7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26
For Steve Rogers, awakening after decades of suspended animation involves more than catching up on pop culture; it also means that this old school idealist must face a world of subtler threats and difficult moral complexities. That comes clear when Director Nick Fury is killed by the mysterious assassin, The Winter Soldier, but not before warning Rogers that SHIELD has been subverted by its enemies. When Rogers acts on Fury’s warning to trust no one there, he is branded as a traitor by the organization. Now a fugitive, Captain America must get to the bottom of this deadly mystery with the help of the Black Widow and his new friend, The Falcon. However, the battle will be costly for the Sentinel of Liberty, with Rogers finding enemies where he least expects them while learning that the Winter Soldier looks disturbingly familiar.

For more information on the events of SCC’s Global Days, contact Mandi Smith at asmith@stchas.edu.

For accommodation information, email accessibilityservice@stchas.edu.

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