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Peruque Creek area rezoning stalls again

A decision has again been delayed on a rezoning that would allow 20 new single-family homes near Peruque Creek in Lake Saint Louis.

The Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen on Feb. 2 tabled a rezoning application seeking a change from non-urban zoning to single-family residential on a 19-acre site near where the creek flows into the main lake. The application was submitted by Jeremy Malensky with Dutchman Homes. The change would allow 20 homes with a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet to be built.

Administrator Paul Markworth said the board tabled the bill because of questions about the site. The city also is encouraging the developer, the city, nearby residents and the Lake Saint Louis Community Association to discuss some of those questions, he said.

About a dozen residents voiced concerns about new homes increasing runoff, debris and silt into Peruque Creek, which flows into the community’s more than 600-acre main lake. Others have voiced concern about potential added traffic to nearby subdivision streets and changes in the character of the area. But a major concern is the site’s proximity to the creek during periods of flooding or high water backup. Maps indicate that the site may be at elevations that have flooded in the past.

The property would extend from the end of Silver Fern Court in the Villas at Crimson Oaks subdivision. The site is east of Duello Road, west of Hwy. 40-61 and south of Prospect Road, near the Oak Bluff Preserve subdivision.

A spokesperson for the developer said the lots would average a half-acre and homes would have a starting price of $500,000. A private road would be extended from Silver Fern Court.

Several residents said the tract is part of the original plat for Oak Bluff Preserve subdivision, and that an agreement signed in 1978 set restrictions on minimum lot sizes that may still apply to the property. That agreement also may involve the community association, which manages private amenities at the lake.

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