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Letter to the Editor: Obama as CEO

To the Editor:

I have felt compelled for a while to write an opinion about the current administration serving the United States. “Serving” might not be the correct word to describe this group. I still find it amazing that a junior senator from Illinois can suddenly be elected to head the most powerful political, economic and military country in the world.

I grew up in Illinois, and there are a lot of really good people living there. Some of the ex-governors are not included in that group. President Obama got his start in Illinois politics.

I spent a career working for a Fortune 25 company, and one of the interesting things was watching high-achieving individuals work their way through the organization to reach a very high level of responsibility within the company.  I compare Obama, going from a junior senator in a state legislature to the president of the United States, to taking a low-level operative in the corporation and making that individual the CEO of a particular private or public company. He or she would not have the understanding of all the facets that make up the corporation, and would not have the ability to manage all of the day-to-day requirements of a large, intricate organization. Neither does Obama.

People in military service and in large corporations, as well as in politics, don’t go from point A to point Z in one move. Anyone in any of those professions understands the need to expose an individual to all parts of the organization before they are placed in the highest level of responsibility.

Enter Obama as president of the United States, to bring hope and change and have a “completely transparent administration.” Since elected, the following have occurred:  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS debacle, just to name a few of the “scandals” that have surrounded this administration.

In addition, one has to wonder why he and his administration continue to refuse to call the terrorists what they are, radical Islamic terrorists.

His motives come into question every day.

Why was he so intent on getting Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl back to the U.S.? Many of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers believe his motives were not in the best interest of the U.S. military, but Obama went out of his way to exchange five high level terrorists for Bergdahl’s release. Since that point, neither the U.S. Army nor the administration will comment on the current status of the investigation.

Following that, Obama brought Bergdahl’s parents to Washington and allowed them to put on the worst display ever witnessed in the White House Rose Garden, while he stood by with a sheepish grin on his face.

Compare that to the parents of journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by the radical ISIS group. Obama only had time to make a brief statement about the issue, and make a brief call to his parents, before he rushed off to the golf course.

After seeing the movie “Lone Survivor” about the Navy Seal who was rescued by an Afghan citizen, one has to admire that man and what he did to save Marcus Luttrell. He put his life and that of his family in great danger to save Luttrell. Now he is asking for asylum in the U.S.  It appears that he has to go through all kinds of red tape to be able to relocate here. I don’t know why he just doesn’t go to Mexico and walk across the southern border. Once here, the government will not bother him.

Obama and his No. 1 mouthpiece, former Attorney General Eric Holder, along with current Secretary of State John Kerry, did nothing to assist the young Marine held captive in a Mexican prison for seven months in 2014. This was a Marine who had served his country overseas and made a wrong turn, while heading to southern California. He ended up in prison for more than seven months and, had it not been for the persistence of Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, he would still be there. Obama couldn’t help him, but he sent White House representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown.

I can’t remember Obama making any statement when Chris Kyle died, but he had time to make a phone call to Michael Sam, a gay football player from the University of Missouri, and congratulate him on “coming out.”

Attending funerals is important to remember people. General Green, who was a decorated 2-star general in the U.S. Army, was killed in Afghanistan and buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery. I don’t believe anyone from the White House attended his services.

And on it goes with the Obama administration.

Obama won’t meet with Benjamin Netanyahu while in Washington, but has time to appear on Google with some woman with green lips, who bathes in milk and eats the cereal while bathing.  Israel is our only hope in the Middle East. Obama continually chastises Israel, but wants to be “friends” with Iran.  He adamantly opposes the Keystone pipeline, but wants to take credit for lower gasoline prices in the U.S. right now.

Is it more understandable now to see why novices and inexperienced people do not become CEOs, or 4-star generals, or for that matter the president of the United States? In Obama’s eyes, America is not the solution to a better, more civilized world, we are a large part of the problem!

Steve Smith

Dardenne Prairie

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