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Responding to ‘Global shift’

To the Editor:

A recent letter from Donald D. Meyer (“Global  shift,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Jan. 14) suggested that we “compliment former President Jimmy Carter” for his suggestion that “Israel’s recent lopsided and brutal assault on Gaza was the equivalent  of German atrocities exposed at Nuremberg after World War II ….”

Mr. Meyer’s letter ignores the facts.

First, Gaza is controlled by Hamas, which is a recognized terrorist organization. Second, Israel’s “attack” on Gaza was, in fact, a “counterattack” to stop the firing of hundreds of rockets into Israel by Hamas – rockets which endangered and in some cases took the lives of innocent Israeli residents in peaceful villages. Third, Hamas deliberately placed its rocket launchers close to mosques, schools, hospitals, day care centers and U.N. facilities in order to cause maximum harm to civilians when the launchers were attacked.

The reference to “German atrocities exposed at Nuremberg” is especially ironic since the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views of Mr. Meyer and former President Carter are far more reminiscent of the Nazis than anything Israel has done.

Robert Osborn


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