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O’Fallon mayor unveils location of proposed police station

basement board - color blocks.psd

Artist’s rendering of the proposed police station and courthouse

During his 2015 State of the City address, O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy revealed the location of the proposed new police station and municipal court building.
The proposed police station is to be located 1000 feet south of the intersection of Bryan Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway. Hennessy said in his address that the city is in the final stages of purchasing that land.

“I want to take this opportunity to remind our residents on the North side of town that when our Police Department moves to its new location, we will still maintain a significant police presence here at city hall and this building will serve as a substation for our Police Department,” Hennessy said.

Approving Proposition 1, a $28,670,000 bond election that would allow O’Fallon to construct and equip a new police station, will be up to the voters in April.

“Of course, the purchase of the land is only part one of this process,” Hennessy said. “We now need to fund the construction of the state-of-the art Police Department that is needed in a city of our size. And, to do that, we will need the support of our residents.”

Among other issues, proponents of Proposition 1 say at the current police station police are constantly fighting for space to store evidence, ammo and equipment necessary to protect a city the size of O’Fallon. The city currently employs 118 police officers for its population of 83,377.

The proposed location for the new police station is a stone’s throw from the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce. Erin Williams, President and CEO of the O’Fallon Chamber said she thinks the Chamber’s new potential neighbor is ‘fantastic.’

“We’re excited about something with that big of a presence going there,” Williams said.

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