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New Sammelmann farm park

To the Editor:

So, County Executive Steve Ehlmann is “disappointed”and County Council Chairman Mike Klinghammer disagrees with over 7,674 of his constituents (3,837 households of at least two persons submitted county surveys) for their choice of the “best use” of the new 116-acre park in St. Charles County (“County park on site of former Sammelmann farm to remain natural,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Dec. 17).

I submit that their personal feelings are irrelevant.

Their responsibilities as county executive and county council chairman are to abide by and enact the will of the citizens as expressed in the surveys! That will clearly stated is: No money appropriated from the Park Fund to duplicate a facility already in service in a county park. Keep Sammelmann true to its early St. Charles County historical setting.

There are many members of this family still residing here and able to provide the story of those early days.

Lynn Ryan

St. Charles County

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