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Candid Christmas

We asked and our readers answered with some of their favorite images of holidays past and present. From vintage toys to sad Santa sessions, the photos submitted had the staff of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine hard pressed to pick our collective favorites. Sometimes it was the caption that did the trick.

As you can see from this collection, subjecting small children to the joy and terror of sitting on Santa’s lap was a favorite entry – and the photos that made us laugh the most. Sorry, kids.

But all-in-all, the photos submitted certainly put us in the holiday mood, and we’re hoping they’ll do the same for you. This holiday season be sure to take a few photos you’ll want to share with us next November – or better still don’t wait. Photos can always be posted to our Facebook page.

And the winner is: Kathleen Kannady, who submitted the photo below.

holiday 20

“This was the last time Grandpa volunteered to play Santa!”

In second place is the submission below from Rosemary A. Lynch, who wrote: “It was 1953 when I was so tickled to shoe everyone the beautiful baby doll Santa brought to me for Christmas.”

holiday 43

Christmas 1953

Last, but not least, in third place is the photo below, submitted by Nicole Wayland and Ann Buelow.

"4 Dawg Christmas"

“4 Dawg Christmas”

Other entries submitted by our readers are below:

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