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Aldermen set priorities for 2015

Rebuilding a major portion of Lake Saint Louis Boulevard is among the priorities of the Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen in 2015.

The priorities were established during an annual board retreat this fall. A report on the results of that retreat was discussed Dec. 1 during a work session before the board’s regular meeting.

The board worked with Art Davis, president of the Art Davis Group, to develop the priorities and strategies for the city. At the top of the list was the reconstruction of a 2.6-mile portion of Lake Saint Louis Boulevard from an area along the spillway bridge near the major lake dam to just east of the Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District firehouse.

City officials are expected to apply for federal funding for the project through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments next year, said Derek Koestel, the city’s public works director. However, the $1 million project will require both federal and local funding and construction may be several years away.

Koestel said the city’s share of the project may be about $200,000 and the city is expected to apply to the St. Charles County Road Board for a portion of the funding. The board provides funding for local transportation projects.

Koestel said there is a strong chance federal funding may be allocated for the project and that the Road Board may pick up as much as 90 percent of the city’s local cost share.

Another priority road project is the reconstruction of Hwy. N with the completion of Route 364. The area is targeted as a potential growth area for new business and development for the city.

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