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Technology squad formed

The Hawk Squad at Harvest Ridge Elementary

The Hawk Squad at Harvest Ridge Elementary

Harvest Ridge Elementary School recently implemented a new technology initiative called the Hawk Squad.

Designed to give students hands-on experience with technology, the Hawk Squad assists teachers and peers with technical issues that arise during class time. The squad is comprised of about 20 third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students who will serve as the first line of support for basic technical issues, from assisting teachers and peers with log-in and wireless issues on Google ChromeBooks, to performing updates and maintaining iPads.

“The FHSD Technology Department believes that by assisting in the set-up process, Harvest Ridge students will have ownership and pride in the technology they are using day-to-day, as well as gaining knowledge for peers and teachers going through the setup process,” said Jason Adams, FHSD building technician. Adams is working with Harvest Ridge teacher Susan Adams in overseeing the Hawk Squad.

The students also may be called upon to answer quick technical support questions from their classmates and teachers. Currently, the students are assisting the district’s technology department by testing and helping to set up new ChromeBooks.

There are plans to create a Junior Hawk Squad of kindergarten, first- and second-grade students to assist with some easier tasks, such as connecting to the WiFi network or searching on iPads.

As members of the Hawk Squad, students receive a name badge and certificate showing they are members of the squad. Harvest Ridge students are the first in the district to help the technology department with actual implementation of technology in the classroom.

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