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West County native to rock the Fox in ‘Motown The Musical’


Doug Storm

Doug Storm

When Doug Storm steps onto the stage to appear in The Fabulous Fox’s debut of “Motown the Musical” he’ll be returning home

St. Louis is the place where his “Yes, this is what I want to do” moment happened.

My defining moment of knowing that the stage would be my future came when sitting in the very top row of the highest balcony in The Fox the very first time “Les Misérables” played there on tour,” said Storm, a Parkway West grad who grew up performing with The Muny and singing with the St. Louis Symphony as a boy soprano.

I watched that show and vowed to be in it,” he said.

A few years later, after a move to New York and stints in college, singing and delivering pizzas, Doug’s Broadway star began to shine. He found himself on tour in the very same production and cast he saw perform that night at The Fox. That was 20 years ago.

On Nov. 18, Storm returned to The Fox as a member of the “Motown” ensemble.

I’m excited to play The Fox and have all my family and friends come to the show,” Storm said.

He said the timing couldn’t be better for shows St. Louis opening.

Considering the current events, ‘Motown’ is exactly what St. Louis needs. ‘Motown’ is not just a look back at history, it is also a look at the now. The unrest in the show, in the wake of Martin Luther King’s death, is not different then what St. Louis is experiencing in Ferguson,” Storm said.

Storm said “Motown” is a musical which has the ability to bring people together through the diversity of music. Better yet, it’s a fun show.

I wanted to be a part of something fun, that makes people forgets their challenges and just have a good time for a few hours,” Storm said. “’Motown’ is a great show for that. It’s a celebration of the music everybody knows and loves.”

Storm grew up being a “Motown” fan and can’t imagine anyone not being a fan.

There won’t be one person of any age in our audience who doesn’t recognize at least one song if not a dozen and realize that they too are a fan of ‘Motown,’” Storm said.

When Storm is not on stage the emphasis will be reconnecting with family.

When I get home to St. Louis it’s all about time with my parents, grandmother and two surrogate sons and their mom,” Storm said. “I don’t get to give as much time to friends as I would like, but I do like to get in as much Schlafly, Imo’s and Ted Drewes as I can.”

And returning to a favorite seat in The Fox also is on his list.

After we do our first sound check I plan on going up to the top balcony and sitting in that seat I sat in over 20 years ago,” Storm said. “ I know exactly where it is.”

Motown the Musical” is on stage at The Fabulous Fox through Nov. 30.



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