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‘Mini-Mudder’ brings hundreds of kids to Barat Academy

Mini MudderBarat Academy, a faith based college preparatory high school located in Chesterfield, held its first Mini-Mudder event on Oct. 4.

This event was the first of its kind exclusively for kids age four to 14. Over 500 kids participated from as close as St. Louis and St. Charles counties to as far away as Lake of the Ozarks; Quincy, Illinois; Kansas City; Louisville, Kentucky; and even Minnesota and Arizona.

“It was a fabulous event that spread like wildfire through social media conversations,” said Debby Watson, president of Barat Academy. “Over 500 kids ran the 1.2-mile course in teams, helping each other make it through the obstacles. It was quite a sight to see, very enjoyable and rewarding for everyone who participated,” Watson said.

The Mini-Mudder included an obstacle course with four of the 20 challenges requiring the kids to make it through mud. Similar to the adult mudder competitions, teamwork and strategy was imperative to navigate the course and make sure everyone on the team was able to finish.

“One of the best comments we heard came from a team of sixth-graders who said simply: “It was epic! Just epic!” said Watson. “I don’t think we could ask for anything better than that”


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