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Cyberbullying has to stop – pin it on

Clothespins are showing up all over Rockwood with an important message: Cyberbullying has to stop.

The “Character Goes Viral: Students Stop Cyberbullying” campaign started at the CharacterPlus Student Summit when 80 students from regional high schools met and collaborated on the campaign, including students from Lafayette High.

They created the hashtag #StartsWithUs to use on social media and spread the message by taking the “Clothespin Challenge.” Students write #StartsWithUs on a clothespin and “pin” it on a backpack or shirt of a friend. A photo or video of the “pinning” will be uploaded on social media, and everyone who gets “pinned” then passes the message along by “pinning” a friend.

Chris Long, defensive end for the St. Louis Rams, is the campaign spokesperson.

“I’m excited to lend my voice and social media presence to help raise awareness about cyberbullying, which has become a significant issue especially related to our youth,” Long said. “As a big user of social media, I have experienced firsthand the benefits and negatives associated with it. Through this campaign, our hope is that we can get people to think about using social media as a way to spread positive messages, while eliminating cyberbullying.”


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