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Driving on Manchester

To the Editor:

Dear drivers on Manchester: Can we all be a little bit nicer to each other?

As new resident of Ballwin living directly off Manchester Road, I’d like to send out a kind request. Please, be kind when driving on Manchester. Put down your phone, pay attention, don’t block intersections, let someone go in front of you and please – if someone lets you in, give that person a wave! Be kind and say thanks!

Since moving to Ballwin in July I’ve been so disappointed driving on Manchester. My rule of thumb is to let someone in when I can.  I’m close to stopping that practice simply because rarely do I ever get a wave of thanks from the other driver. And rarely am I let in from my subdivision. Daily I come close to death as I try to turn right and force my car onto Manchester for my commute, Each evening I play chicken with the cars coming my way as I try for a left turn off of Manchester.

If only we could be a bit more conscious of other drivers, our commute would be a little bit better.

It’s my first experience living in West County, and driving Manchester alone is making me reconsider. Having lived all over the country, I was very excited to move to Ballwin. Now, not so much.

So, be kind. Give a wave of thanks. Let someone else go first. Get off your phone and please at least drive the speed limit and not 25 mph as that hinders traffic flow.


Jennifer M.



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