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The voters have spoken

To the Editor:

The voters have spoken. They voted for a Democratic party opportunity to adopt the blueprint for obstructionism and gridlock followed so effectively by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner during their years of openly advocating opposition against any bill which might make this president look good — even bills originated by Republicans and subsequently supported by Obama.

The immediate question seems to be: Will the president and Democratic leaders adopt that blueprint or will they step up and actually try to find ways to get along with the Republican Congress by employing a new “what’s good for the country” approach instead of the current gridlock approach? That might best be accomplished if both parties fire their Congressional leaders – as in goodbye Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Boehner, hello new leaders untainted by years of personal animosity toward their counterparts.

It should be noted that the Republicans now have a problem similar to the one the Democrats had – they do not have a “Super Majority” with power to overcome the minority party’s power to obstruct.

Additionally, the presidential veto power will enable the Democrats to easily create the same sort of gridlock which ironically produced a historically high stock market, reduced unemployment, lower inflation, lower gas prices, fewer war casualties and an almost complete recovery from the G.W. Bush Great Recession.

To recover from the Coolidge-Hoover Great Depression took FDR more than 10 years and a world war which forced enormous tax, borrow and spend policies, and a spirit of cooperation onto Republicans – many of whom otherwise despised FDR and everything he stood for.

Where would today’s stock market, unemployment, war casualties and costs, gasoline prices and inflation be if President Obama and Congress had found ways to compromise and get things done? Perhaps they should all take more time off.

Democrats know that Republicans were kicked out of Washington six years ago after squandering Clinton’s surpluses; leading us into a stock market crash and Great Recession that  nearly collapsed the U.S. and world economies, locking us into costly disastrous and completely avoidable wars after a 9-11 attack which might not have occurred at all if Gore and a competent National Security Advisor had been running things instead of G.W. Bush and Condi Rice – all while creating a wave of crony capitalism and national socialism which produced ENRON and “too big to fail” scandals.

Perhaps, rather than getting too combative about what is good for the country, Democrats should simply do what Republicans did during the FDR years; step aside and let the majority party do everything their way. Two years isn’t much time, but maybe the Republicans can do it all again by 2016, thereby making it tragically easy for a Democratic victory in 2016.  Who knows, maybe it will be Howard Dean in 2016!

Bill Howard



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