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Westminster administrators travel to Seoul

Westminster Christian Academy’s partner school, Saemmul Christian Academy (SCA) in Seoul, South Korea, celebrated the dedication of its new campus in mid-October and Westminster administration was on hand for the celebration.

Construction on the school’s new campus was completed in the summer, allowing Saemmul students to begin the 2014-15 academic year in the new building this fall. To celebrate the school’s new facility, SCA hosted a national conference, inviting Christian educators and administrators from schools throughout the country to attend.

Westminster head of school emeritus Jim Marsh and best-selling Christian author Philip Yancey were keynote speakers for the event. Westminster Head of School Tom Stoner also spoke at the conference about the integration of faith and learning.

Westminster administrative leadership helped to establish SCA in 2008 and today continues to play an influential role in the development and growth of the school.

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