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Rec-Plex leisure pool closed Nov. 10-19

The St. Peters Rec-Plex will close the Leisure Pool in the Natatorium from Nov. 10-19 in order to install a new waterslide.

The Leisure Pool will open back up on Nov. 20, and the new waterslide should be ready for use by Nov. 28.

The new waterslide will be similar in design to the old one, which needed to be replaced due to wear and tear after 20 years of use. In order to combat rusting, the steps and landings on the new waterslide will be made of PVC material rather than concrete and steel.

The rest of the Natatorium, including 50-meter recreational swimming, will remain open during the waterslide installation.

The Rec-Plex turned 20 this year and underwent several maintenance projects to help keep the Rec-Plex the same premier place for fitness and recreation for years to come. A Natatorium project in August cleaned the 50-meter pool shell, repaired the 50-meter pool’s moveable floor, and removed the Leisure Pool’s old waterslide. The North Ice Rink’s walls also were re-painted and re-sealed in September.

The installation of the new waterslide will complete this year’s major maintenance projects at the Rec-Plex. Rec-Plex staff appreciates customers’ patience during these important updates to our facilities.

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