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Della Thompson, Marquette High French teacher

Della Thompson, Marquette High French teacher

Marquette High French teacher Della Thompson believes a good foreign language educator is someone who not only cares about students but also has a passion for languages. Her passion was honored recently by the Foreign Language Association of Missouri (FLAM), which recognized her its 2014 Distinguished Foreign Language Educator.

“This prestigious award is presented each year to an outstanding Missouri teacher who has significantly and positively impacted foreign language teaching and learning,” said FLAM President and Eureka High French teacher Janice DeNure.

As the recipient of the award, Thompson will represent Missouri as a nominee for the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Teacher of the Year award, which is presented in the spring.
Of her experiences in the classroom, Thompson said, “It’s important to learn a language because it opens the world. Learning a language means learning about culture and different perspectives. Learning a language teaches students how to be open to new ideas and appreciate diversity.

“I think French rocks!”
Her Rockwood colleagues can say the same about her.

“I have met few people in my life who are kinder or more compassionate than Della,” said Rockwood World Language and ESOL Facilitator Jeff Tamaroff. “Her moral character is beyond reproach and in that capacity she serves as another excellent role model for fellow teachers and her students.”

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