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Dynamic duo of quality, taste fills plates at Yellowstone Café and Lazy River Grill

Signature fish dishes and made-from-scratch soup are items on the menu at Yellowstone Café and Lazy River Grill.

Signature fish dishes and made-from-scratch soup are items on the menu at Yellowstone Café and Lazy River Grill.

Quality and freshness are more than words to John Marciano. They’re a commitment and a guarantee that are given to every plate – and every customer – served at his Yellowstone Café and Lazy River Grill.

“It’s all about the food and what we have to offer,” Marciano said. “Everything begins with quality and freshness. You have to start with quality if you want high quality on the table.”

Yellowstone and Lazy River specialize in sourcing the highest quality fish, beef, chicken and pork on the market. Once it’s delivered, the expertly trained staff at each location oversees to its proper storage to maintain freshness and flavor from preparation to the table.

“Everything we serve is the highest quality from FDA approved vendors,” Marciano said.  “If it’s not the highest quality I wouldn’t even have it on the menu.

“I stand by everything we serve – and we cook from scratch. Everything is cooked on a skillet on a stove on a flame grill or flat top. Everything is cooked the old fashioned way – no microwave cooking.”

Among Yellowstone’s and Lazy River’s old-fashioned menu favorites is the Iowa corn-feed beef, available as filets, rib-eye steaks and custom burgers. All are cooked to order over a charcoal-flame grill.

Open flame charcoal grilling is a classic grill technique that provides natural caramelization when foods are seared. The result is unparalleled flavor.

Open flame caramelization enhances the restaurant’s signature French-cut Double Pork Chops, which are charbroiled and served with apple butter and roasted apples.

Open flame grilling also is the secret to great-tasting fish – like Yellowstone’s and Lazy River’s Lime Grilled Salmon.

“I have customers that come in and say that nobody does a salmon like we do,” Marciano said, adding that his philosophy for cooking fish is “don’t over-handle it.”

“I think people have associated us with fish because I think we do it better than other people. We know how to handle and cook fish, but we do everything.”

Better fish begins with better quality. At Yellowstone and Lazy River, quality also includes variety. Genuine Florida grouper is offered along with wild-caught salmon and walleye and farm-raised tilapia, basa (catfish) and frog legs.  Fish preparations are simple – perfectly seasoned with flavors that range from a simple salt and pepper combination to a blackened spice rub to Sicilian with a blend of breadcrumbs, butter crackers and parmesan cheese.

While grilling is the mainstay, frying takes center stage on Tuesdays when Yellowstone and Lazy River offer their Fried Clam Dinner special. It’s a must-try at a great price.

And it’s not just about fish on the plate at Yellowstone and Lazy River.

Both restaurants are decorated with antique fishing, hunting and camping memorabilia. Old lures, outboard motors, creels, paddles, bobbers, minnow buckets, nets, decoys and even boats hang from the ceiling and decorate the walls. And according to the restaurants’ website (lazyyellow.com), they’re always looking for more.

Quality and affordability – it’s a duo that, along with a broad menu and full service bar, has made Yellowstone and Lazy River top picks for parties, large families and groups.

With a reputation for executing large parties perfectly, Yellowstone and Lazy River provide several booking options, ranging from Lazy River’s All-Occasion room featuring  banquet menus and seating 20-40 guests to simply rearranging tables in either restaurant’s dining room to easily and graciously accommodate large families and groups.

Yellowstone Café 

165 Lamp & Lantern Village • Town & Country

(636) 207-0501

Lazy River Grill

631 Big Bend Road • Manchester

(636) 207-1689

11 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 4-9 p.m., Sunday 


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