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Rockwood facilities to be discussed at upcoming board of education meeting

Rockwood Superintendent Eric Knost and Chief Financial Officer Tim Rooney plan to make a special presentation to the district’s Board of Education on Nov. 13 in regard to facilities needs districtwide.

“We will lay out our findings on facilities needs and recommend a plan to address them going forward,” Knost told the board on Oct. 16.

Proposition S, a $38.4 million no-tax rate increase bond issue to fund security, technology and facilities’ maintenance needs in Rockwood, failed to win approval on the April 2013 ballot. The ballot followed the release of state audit results, which criticized Rockwood for, among other things, overpaying its former program management firm by more than $1.2 million. The audit also accused a former board member of violating state laws against conflict of interest.

However, the district since then has addressed issues brought up by the audit and named Knost to the  superintendent post this year.

“It’s time we started talking about the situation, because Rockwood has significant needs which, for financial reasons, haven’t been dealt with over recent years,” Knost said.

As an example of an unmet need, Knost said Eureka High’s homecoming football game had to be moved to Parkway Central on Oct. 11, due to soggy grass fields on Eureka’s campus. Parkway Central’s field in Chesterfield is artificial turf.

“The Eureka High band didn’t end up going (and) we received calls from parents who were upset about the home field condition,” Knost said. “We’ve analyzed what we’re spending to maintain fields, and we’ll share that information on Nov. 13.”

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