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Making sense of fall traditions

To the Editor:

If it is known that some football helmets have been scientifically proven to be superior in safety for high schools and colleges, then why haven’t our political leaders mandated that all helmets be made to meet those standards?

I’m not for government control of private industry, but when lives are affected it may be time to step in.

Shame on the educational institutions for not making this decision on their own. I would believe the safer helmets should have priority over fancy-looking buildings and grounds.

On another note, by the time this is printed, the political rhetoric will be over again! It’s a disgrace to Americans to have to listen to our politicians bash each other in an effort to win votes. It would be energizing and exciting to actually hear politicians tell us detailed plans of what they would do, if elected, to improve our lives with meaningful changes. Rather than make voting decisions based on creative bashing, the voters could actually digest the plans put before them and hold the elected to their plans for the next election period. Is this not possible in America?

Doug Kalusniak


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