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Keep your change

To the Editor:

Why is it that when they do not like something, liberals always want it to change to suit their perspective?

Now along comes Mr. Summers (“Time for a more even perspective,” West Newsmagazine, Oct. 29)  who doesn’t like the conservative tilt of West Newsmagazine and wants less “far-right” content

I say to Mr. Summers, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Do you ask the Post-Dispatch, to include less “far left” content? How about MSNBC? I do not care for their content so I do not read or listen to them – well, I will listen to MSNBC if I want to get my heart rate up for a few minutes. It’s called liberty, or freedom to choose, something that liberals are all about as long as you select from their choices.

West Newsmagazine has an audience, myself included, who like the content as it is. We enjoy an educated, articulate person in the form of Dr. Sowell (or Ben Carson, or Bill Cosby, etc.) who speak the truth, who are not victims, who have been successful in the face of adversity, whether you like to hear it or not. I do understand that these people undermine the progressive theory that women and minorities are victims and need help from that “party who knows best and who cares.”

You indicate that Obama is not to blame for current world situations, contrary to Dr. Sowell’s opinion.  Who hit the “reset button” with Russia and pulled missiles out of Europe? Who reduced our nuclear arsenal unilaterally, getting nothing in return? Who went on the U.S. apology tour?  Who pulled our troops out of the Middle East with advance notice to our enemy? Who has traded war criminals for a deserter and leaves a soldier in a Mexican jail? Who abandoned our men in Benghazi and lied about the cause of the attack? Who called ISIS a JV team? Who is gutting and weakening our military? Who will almost double our national debt in his eight years in office?

America is weak and spineless and is deemed so by our enemies. We are suffering the consequences of community organizer thinking, not leadership from the helm of the leader of the Free World.

Obama wanted to fundamentally transform America … and may ruin it to a degree that may never be recovered.

Mr. Summers, if you need progressive thinking, don’t propose to wreck a magazine I and others enjoy to get your fix. You have options. You can write to the editor to express your views – yours are printed occasionally, along with similar views. You can stop reading West Newsmagazine. You can watch MSNBC, read the Post-Disgrace, Newsweek, Time, Huffington Post, etc.  There are plenty of options out there to meet your needs, we simply do not need nor want a similar one in West County.

Keep up the great work West Newsmagazine!

Jon Schulte



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