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The gift of life

To the Editor:

I just want to thank “A grateful double-lung transplant” for his message (West Newsmagazine, Nov. 22).

My mother-in-law (who is now deceased) received a double-lung transplant in 2000 from a young girl (age 15) from Washington state. We have been lucky enough to meet the parents of the girl and her grandparents and have formed a very loving relationship.

Thank you for not only bringing awareness to a great cause (organ donation), but for thanking your donor.

It is a sad thing that one life must be lost to help another, but bless the people that donate, as they are giving the gift of life.

Thank you, LeCette DuPont for your gift 14 years ago. We had Betty Wallace a lot longer because of you and your family. God bless.

Sue Wallace


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