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St. Charles County Executive Race: Rod Zerr vs. Steve Ehlmann

Prior to the Aug. 5 primary election, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine asked each of the candidates for St. Charles County Executive the following questions: Why are you running for this office, and what are your top priorities if elected? What are your qualifications for holding public office? Due to the importance of the county executive position, and in turn the gravity that any vote toward a candidate for that position carries, their answers have been printed again for voters to consider.




I am running for county executive to restore ethics and integrity to our county government. I am deeply concerned about the massive centralization of power that has occurred in the county executive branch as well as the reprehensible way county employees and residents have been treated by the current administration. My priorities include establishing term limits for the county executive position, restoring ethics throughout county government and providing services to all county residents regardless of political affiliation or socioeconomic status. I will establish an open-door policy and conduct quarterly town hall meetings where residents can openly discuss their concerns.

As a lifelong resident, I have had 32 years of service committed to the public safety of our county residents. As a former county department head, division director, 911 administrator and emergency planning committee chairman, I am uniquely experienced in the inner workings of St. Charles County government. I am qualified in providing cost-effective services on a timely basis in a respectful manner to all members of our community. I have worked within our county government at all levels, so I have a clear perspective of all phases of governmental services. I am a proven leader who can effectively oversee critical governmental operations within our county government.




STEVE EHLMANN (R) • Incumbent 

I believe the county will continue to grow and prosper only if we 1) provide good schools, 2) provide safe neighborhoods and 3) provide a good system of roads and bridges. All county government can do about schools is enforce truancy laws, and I will do that. Throughout the tough times with declining revenue I did not cut public safety and will continue to try to improve it. With the opening of phase three of the Page Extension, I will direct attention to the I-70 corridor, which needs improvement.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Furman University, a master’s degree from University of Missouri-Columbia, and a law degree from Washington University. My experience also includes nine years of teaching, four years in the Missouri House, eight years in the Missouri Senate (four as Republican floor leader), three years as a circuit judge, three years as director of administration for the county and eight years as St. Charles County Executive.


The following candidates for state and local office also will appear on the Nov. 4 Ballot.

Missouri House • District 64: (R) Robert Cornejo, (D) Laura Castaneda

Missouri House • District 70: (R) Joe Corica, (D) Bill Otto

Missouri House • District 102: (R) Kurt Bahr, (D) John Callahan

Missouri House • District 103: (R) John Wiemann, (L) Dean Hodge

Missouri House • District 104: (R) Kathie Conway, (D) Terry Lesinksi

Missouri House • District 105: (R) Mark Parkinson, (D) Matt Judkins

Missouri House • District 106: (R) Chrissy Sommer, (D) Ken Tucker

Missouri House • District 107: (R) Ron Hicks

Missouri House • District 108: (R) Justin Hill, (D) Marlon Williams

Missouri Senate • District 2: (R) Bob Onder

Missouri State Auditor: (R) Tom Schweich, (L) Sean O’Toole, (C) Rodney Farthing

U.S. Representative • District 2: (R) Ann Wagner, (D) Arthur Lieber, (L) Bill Slantz

U.S. Representative • District 3: (R) Blaine Luetkemeyer, (D) Courtney Denton, (L) Steven Hedrick, (C) Harold Davis

County Council District 1: (R) Joe Cronin

County Council District 3: (R) Michael Elam

County Council District 5: (R) Terry Hollander

County Council District 7: (R) John White

Director of Elections: (R) Rich Chrismer, (D) Kathryn Runyan

Recorder of Deeds: (R) Barbara Hall, (L) Michael Copeland

Sheriff: (R) Scott Lewis



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