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Parkway approves new policy for use of facilities

Parkway School District’s Board of Education approved a new policy Sept. 10 setting out an updated system for community use of school facilities.

Paul Tandy, the district’s director of communications, said that, during the last school year, a committee was formed to study Parkway’s existing “use of premise” policy and guidelines.

This policy outlines the procedures to be used by both school-sponsored and non-school sponsored groups when using Parkway’s facilities for activities and events.

Tandy said the previous procedures lacked sufficient clarity regarding the prioritization for reserving space by various groups.

Additionally, the fee structure contained four different levels, and also lacked clarity on which groups would be charged and which would not, Tandy said.

The new policy, among other things, directs the administration to develop guidelines that better clarify the activities considered to be school-sponsored and those which are not. The guidelines also reduce the number of different groups from four to three, including school-sponsored groups; nonprofit, non-school sponsored groups (such as club sports/junior feeder program groups); and for-profit, non-school sponsored groups (such as for-profit sports camps or clinics).

Priority of space reservation will be given to groups in that order.

Also, groups in the first category won’t be charged for the use of space in most circumstances, while groups in the second category will be charged a reduced rate, and groups in the third category will be charged the full rate.

“A main goal of the change is to be more clear on fees and who they apply to, as well as to ensure that non-school sponsored groups pay their fair share to deal with facility maintenance and wear and tear,” Tandy said.

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