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GROWING LACROSSE: Four MICDS players commit to Division 1 schools

Missouri’s reputation in high school boys lacrosse is growing by leaps and bounds. MICDS has played a large role in that development.

The program that coach Andy Kay has worked hard to build resulted in a state championship last spring with an 11-10 overtime victory against CBC. From that team, four members of the Rams now have made Division 1 commitments – which has never been done before with underclassmen.

“We have three juniors committed and one sophomore,” Kay said. “This is the most that any Missouri team has ever had committed to Division 1 schools. I think it shows that commitment, hard work and discipline can really pay off. Beyond that, these guys are extremely athletic and they compete nationally.

“The story here is that our community is starting to really put Missouri on the map. These four young men are paving the way for the next generation of lacrosse players in the state. They have now proven that our kids can not only play well, but they can do so at the highest level.”

Here are the athletes and their choice of schools:

• Harry Wellford, sophomore midfielder, has committed to the University of Virginia. He is the first ACC recruit to ever come out of St. Louis. He was a first-team all-state player as a freshman.

• Alex Bean, junior midfielder, has committed to Georgetown. He was the MVP of the state championship game. He also was an all-American as a sophomore.

• Matt Trowbridge, junior goalie, has committed to the University of Michigan. He was voted the MVP of Nike Ride earlier this summer.

• Jake Burmeister, junior defenseman, has committed to University of Delaware. He was a first-team all-state player as a sophomore.

“All of these guys came up through our youth club team, The Red Shirts,” Kay said. “What is so cool is that they were homegrown since the fourth grade, and they have earned academic and athletic accolades along the way. For any St. Louis team, regardless of the sport, having four nationally recognized players is a feat and a luxury. The pressure is on them to perform now, and hopefully to help MICDS win another championship.”

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