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Musical meals at Chesterfield Day School

Alumnus Austin G. Smith returned to perform with his band, Roots of A Rebellion (R.O.A.R) during all lunch periods on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at Chesterfield Day School.

Austin G. Smith (far right) with R.O.A.R

Austin G. Smith (far right) with R.O.A.R

R.O.A.R is a band of musicians from Nashville, Tennessee, who have found a deeply rooted love and appreciation for the concept of music as a healing art. Combining a variety of individual musical influences from pop and rock to jazz and soul, R.O.A.R. Members say they are “captivated by the power of reggae music to inject serious positive energy in our lives!”

A class of 2002 graduate and uncle to current CDS students Grayson and Truett Marks, Smith said: “I am very excited about the opportunity to return to my dear old elementary school where many values were instilled in me that I still cherish to this day – responsibility, self-reliance and kindness. I am thrilled that I can share my musical experience with the Chesterfield Day community.”


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