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Unrandom Thoughts

To the Editor:

• Flipping Ferguson (West Newsmagazine, Aug. 27) – How anyone could accuse Officer Wilson of executing that young man without all the evidence presented is unfathomable. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to standing beside those who are trained to protect citizens, and themselves, and who put their live on the line doing so? Apparently is is easy to do if you buy into what the media spoons feeds you, or if you are a race-baiter (like Rev. Sharpton or Attorney General Holder), or if you are the governor (and former MO Attorney General) who should know better, but desires to be the next vice president of the United States and plays the party line. Then you call for justice for the young man before the Grand Jury renders its finding. If Officer Wilson is guilty, he will be punished. To convict or punish him in the absence of proof is evil.

• Avoiding Taxes (West Newsmagazine, Aug. 27) – To answer Lillians’s “better” question, it’s because the tax laws allow corporations to reduce their tax liability. While I am for reduced corporate taxation, I am also for reduce corporate welfare, as I am for reduce personal welfare – there is too much complexity, waste, abuse and fraud. I heard a stat recently where we have more people on the dole than Russia has people. That is unsustainable. Until Paul is prevented from robbing Peter, people will vote for Paul. Unfortunately, Paul’s policies are also making the economy anemic.

What I am truly sick and tired of is hearing about fair share. Please Lillian, define what fair share is. When almost 50 percent of people don’t pay taxes but do receive benefits, and the tax burden falls on the balance of tax payers, just what the heck does fair share mean? I know, I’m one of those conservative mean people with no compassion, but before you go there, let’s compare our tax returns and see who contributes more to charity. The IRS has audited it, so it has to be believable.

• Border Madness (West Newsmagazine, Aug. 18) – Paul Summers’ closing argument in support of allowing these children to cross our borders is “What would you want for your child if you lived in such an environment?” This is a standby liberal declaration that attempts to take the moral high ground and eliminate debate. Sorry Paul.

Mr. Summers calls Dr. Sowell’s question as to whether these children are carrying any contagious diseases and his statement regarding studies showing children raised outside of normal families cost our society in the future “horrendous over-exaggerations and scare tactics.”  Pray tell, Paul, what facts do you have to refute them, other than some diversion to a statement attributed to Michelle Bachman?

Thomas Jefferson said that “a country without borders is not a country.”

We are a country, based on rule of law, and we have immigration laws which must be complied with.

If Mr. Summers is so concerned about these children and their welfare, why did his letter not close with volunteering to fund their stay in this country and put them up in his house or neighborhood, pay for their schooling, food, lodging, medical, etc? Or perhaps a pledge to send money to their country to provide aid to help them?

I say step up and do it yourself, before you ask anyone else to do so. It’s always easier with other people’s money.

Jon Schulte


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