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Speaking with respect

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the Letter to the Editor published in the September 3rd issue of West Newsmagazine from Monarch Fire Board member Jane Cunningham.

While I am also in favor of fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars, as I am a taxpaying citizen residing within the Monarch Fire District area, I have observed what I feel was an immediate adversarial climate set up by this board against the firefighters of Monarch District and their representative union. I do not believe that much is ever accomplished in an adversarial climate and is

likely actually counterproductive to having meaningful compromises become possible.

Ms. Cunningham seems to be the most vocal member of the board relative to her apparent agenda, and while I respect that the board has a difficult job to do in making sure that taxpayer dollars are spent in a fiscally responsible way, I am offended by the disrespectful tone towards our firefighters that seems to come across in her editorial letters.

I, for one, am very grateful to our firefighters and first responders for their choice to take on great personal risk in performing the service that they are more than willing to perform for us. I have great admiration for the work that they do and greatly respect the paramedic’s licensure training and the continuous department training that they undergo. They are ready at a moment’s notice to respond to a fire or ambulance call to help someone in need in their community.

I would hope that Ms. Cunningham might consider a more respectful tone in the future when addressing, writing, or speaking about our community firefighters. I am grateful to them for the work that they do and the great personal risk they willingly assume each time they report for a work shift.

Cheryl Kurtz



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