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Responding to ‘Flipping Ferguson’

To the Editor:

Mr. Alfred Waddell in his “Flipping Ferguson,” letter to the editor (West Newsmagazine, Aug. 27) has  obviously tried and convicted the police officer without benefit of knowledge of the actual evidence. That is unfortunate because I suspect that if this happened to him, he would be screaming about being denied due process; it is no different for police officers.

People want to demilitarize police officers, and I agree that overkill is never good, but how would you suggest they defend themselves against Molotov cocktails and gunshots?

Armor is the best protection for that.

I really think Mr. Waddell’s statement about the reverse situation is not based in fact, but based in emotion. The due process that he talks about is accorded everyone, except those that he didn’t think it should be given to.

The facts in this case have not really been divulged yet and if the police officer was in the wrong, he deserves punishment. But I, for one, will wait to hear it out.

Knee-jerk reactions do nothing but inflame situations and do not solve them.

Craig Wilds


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