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Chesterfield triathlete wins Half Iron age division

Carrie Reuwer

Carrie Reuwer

Chesterfield’s Carrie Reuwer, 42, recently competed in the Door County half triathlon in Wisconsin with a final time of 5 hours, 15 minutes, 42.9 seconds. She came in 127 out of 795 Half Iron Individual Triathlon finishers.

Among females, Reuwer was 10 out of 293 Half Iron Female Triathlon finishers and won her age division, which had 38 competitors.

She also has competed in full triathlons in Kona, Hawaii and Nice, France.At Nice, she finished ninth in her age group.

“In Kona, I was more than happy to finish in the middle of the pack since I was competing against the best athletes in the world on a very challenging course,” Reuwer said.

She came to compete in those two triathlons because of a suggestion.

“My best friend persuaded me to compete with her in the Branson Half Ironman in September 2012,” Reuwer said. “This was my first long-distance triathlon. In turn, I convinced my husband to do the race  One week before we did the triathlon in Branson, my husband and I decided to sign up for a full Ironman race.  Our logic was that we were already trained up to do a

half Ironman, so why not go on and train for a full?


“And, we wanted to choose a place that would make a spectacular destination. So we picked Nice, France for our first full Ironman. I went on to finish Branson second in my age group, which qualified me to compete in the 70.3 World Championship race in Las Vegas last September. I ended up doing Las Vegas in between France and Kona. I never thought I would have such a season.”

In addition, Reuwer also ran in the Boston Marathon, which was only her second marathon. She had a personal best in the Boston Marathon at 3:31:55.

Reuwer qualified to run Boston in the Go St. Louis marathon in April of 2013.

“Although Go was supposed to be a training run to get me ready for France, I finished first in my age group, third in division and qualified for Boston,” Reuwer said. “Running the Boston Marathon the year after the bombing was an amazing, emotional experience. There was incredible crowd support from start to finish along the race course. We all had the events of the previous year on our minds and it was a real celebration to ‘take back’ the marathon.”

Ironically, Reuwer did not run track or cross country in high school or college. She was a high school swimmer and only started jogging for fitness in college.

“Over the years, I ran a few 5Ks and eventually extended up to a few half-marathons,” Reuwer said. “I had to purchase a bike and a Speedo to get ready for Branson. At one point, I swore that I would never run a marathon because I didn’t think it was sustainable.

“But then you have to run a marathon to complete an Ironman, so I changed my mind. Now it is a lifestyle.”

A month and a half before Branson, she started training with coach Sally Drake, founder and owner of Swim Bike Run, St. Louis.

“There is a lot to learn in triathlon and I couldn’t have achieved all of these things without my coach,” Reuwer said. “I wanted to see what I could do if I trained properly and really pushed myself. I can’t say enough about the Swim Bike Run triathlon club, they are a terrific group of people.

“My husband is my biggest fan and a huge source of support. He committed to train and competes in these races with me. He even started from zero, learning how to swim competitively. Aside from Boston and the world championships, he has competed in all of these events.”

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