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After success with Chesterfield Football Association, Teicher now leads Kennedy

Kennedy’s new football coach Tim Teicher had success coaching in the Chesterfield Football Association.

He will use that to help breathe new life in the program at Kennedy. The Celts were 0-10 last season and looking to become more competitive.  The Manchester school has entered into a co-op deal for two years with Valley Park, which does not have football.

Teicher, a 1983 graduate of Principia High School and University of New York at Buffalo, will lead Kennedy into its opener Friday (Aug. 22) against the Jefferson Blue Jays in Festus. Kickoff is 7 p.m.

Kennedy reached out to Teicher to see about his interest in the job.

“Kennedy had heard about me and Chesterfield football,” Teicher said. “Kennedy trainer Mike Heffner is out at Chesterfield on game days and he knows me. They approached me. I was flattered but I didn’t really consider it. But we said we’d have a second meeting.”

And after that, Teicher joined the Kennedy program.

“(Athletic Director) Joe Walterbach really kind of sold of on thinking it through,” Teicher said. “Both of my boys go to Parkway West. I asked them if they would want to go to Kennedy and support this. The only way I’d do it is to coach my boys. so, they expressed an interest in it.

“Then I sat down with the administration. I said that if I’m going to do this, I’ll do it all the way and here’s how I’ll do it. I gave them my philosophy and they agreed.”

His sons are now going to Kennedy. Tate is a sophomore. T.J. is a senior.

“Tate was on the roster at Parkway West last year so he’s not eligible yet,” Teicher said. “We’re still taking with MSHAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) about that. T.J. didn’t play as a junior so he can play. He’s a quarterback.”

At Principia, Teicher was the team captain. He was a first-team all-ABC League running back. He also was a team captain in college. He also was named to the University of Buffalo “Coaches Award” as a senior.

In 2012/13. Teicher was the co-head coach of FBU 8th Grade St. Louis, a national all star team that had a final four appearance.

He was president of the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) in 2011 and 2012. He was the coaching coordinator for the CFA where he was responsible for all 30 head coaches in 2009 and 2010.

Teicher is the 2010 CFA Coach of the Year and he was a head coach from 2007 through 2012. In 2011, he lead his team to the Gateway Super Bowl championship.

“In youth football, it is 100 percent the responsibility of the coach to make every kid feel he makes a contribution,” Teicher said. “In high school football, it shifts to the kid. He has to be responsible. That’s the difference in youth football to high school football.

“What I’ve learned, the chemistry that’s built in the sense of a team and spirit and the swag can be developed. I’ve started with my team of third graders and we won one game. Fast forward to them in the seventh grade. We won the Gateway League Super Bowl. We had the highest retention rate over those four years. We made them feel they were all contributing.”

That’s a key for Teicher.

“My philosophy is that in order to create a team, you have to make every kid feel like a contributor,” Teicher said. “No one is a star but everyone gives to the common good. I tell the kids their contribution is not about how you are evaluated on what you do on Friday night but on the preparation that is the contribution.

“The kids are buying into it. It’s going well so far.”

After a winless season, there is no way for Kennedy to go but up. Teicher is optimistic about the Celts this season.

“I think we’re going to have some success this year and we’ll be able to build,” Teicher said. “We have an entirely new brand of football. There are 345 schools in Missouri that play football and we’re ranked No. 338. Out of the 64 teams in Class 4, we’re ranked No. 64.

“We’ve got some work to do. I’ve told the kids about this. We’ve put it up on the bulletin board to motivate them.”

Last Friday, Kennedy hosted a jamboree. Also competing were Lift for Life, Principia and Priory.

“We did surprisingly well, Teicher said. “We feel like we’re going to be able to compete.”

Now, games will count. The first two games are not cupcakes for Kennedy.

The Celts open against Jefferson that finished 7-3 last year. Then, Kennedy will have its home opener the following week against Brentwood. The Eagles went 10-1 last year, losing in the Class 2 sectional round of the playoffs.

“We open with an away game and follow it with home game against Brentwood,” Teicher said. “Our first two opponents are very good. Everything is good.

|”We’ll know where we stand after the first two weeks. Brentwood is the benchmark.That’s the top of the heap and that’s where we want to be.”

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