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High school security tightened

As part of the Francis Howell School District’s ongoing commitment to school safety, the district will utilize buzz-in systems at the main and student entrances at each high school, beginning with the 2014-2015 school year.

The buzz-in system includes an intercom and a camera. After the start of school each day, all doors to the school will be locked and the only points of entry to the building will be through the main and student entrances.

All parents and visitors, including late-arriving students, will be required to push an intercom button, state their name and the purpose of their visit in order to gain entry into the school.

School staff will make a visual determination prior to granting the visitor access to the school. In addition, all visitors will be asked to sign in and wear a visitor badge while in the school.

High school buildings will be accessible to students participating in extracurricular activities in a manner similar to prior years.


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