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St. Charles County election recap

The Aug. 5 elections have concluded.

Amendment No. 7, the three-quarter-cent sales tax meant for Missouri roadway and other transportation improvements, was voted against by 59 percent of Missouri voters. Amendment No. 8, which would have created a Veterans lottery ticket, failed to pass as well.

Amendment No. 5, which deals with the right to bear arms, passed due to statewide votes. Amendment No. 9, which protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures in relation to electronic communications, also passed statewide with 74 percent voting in approval.

In the St. Charles county executive race, the Democratic primary saw Rod Zerr win unopposed. In the Republican county executive primary, Steve Ehlmann beat out Douglass Funderburk with 78 percent of the votes. Funderburk effectively withdrew from the race on July 15, citing personal reasons.

In the County Council primary races, Joe Cronan (R) was selected by 55 percent for District 1, Michael Elam (R) was selected for District 3, John White (R) for District 7 and Terry Hollander (R) for District 5.

The County’s director of elections incumbent Rich Chrismer (R) received 50 percent of the votes, while runner-up Patti York (R) netted 40 percent, and Arnie C. (AC) Dienoff garnered 10 percent. The Democratic candidate for director of elections, Kathryn Runyan, ran and won unopposed.

For the office of recorder of deeds, both Barbara Hall (R) and Michael Copeland (L) ran and won unopposed.

The four-way Republican county sheriff race saw Scott Lewis win with 37 percent of the votes, with Kevin Jett following closely at 34 percent.


The results of other statewide issues are as follows. The letter before the name indicates party affiliation:

Missouri House • District 64: (R) Robert Cornejo, (D) Laura Castaneda

Missouri House • District 70: (R) Joe Corica, (D) Bill Otto

Missouri House • District 102: (R) Kurt Bahr, (D) John Callahan

Missouri House • District 103: (R) John Wiemann, (L) Dean Hodge

Missouri House • District 104: (R) Kathie Conway, (D) Terry Lesinksi

Missouri House • District 105: (R) Mark Parkinson, (D) Matt Judkins

Missouri House • District 106: (R) Chrissy Sommer, (D) Ken Tucker

Missouri House • District 107: (R) Ron Hicks

Missouri House • District 108: (R) Justin Hill, (D) Marlon Williams

Missouri Senate • District 2: (R) Bob Onder

Missouri State Auditor: (R) Tom Schweich, (L) Sean O’Toole, (C) Rodney Farthing

U.S. Senate • District 2: (R) Ann Wagner, (D) Arthur Lieber, (L) Bill Slantz

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