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Responding to ‘Border Madness’

To the Editor:

Here he goes again. Thomas Sowell in “Bordering on Madness” (West Newsmagazine, July 30) bemoans our lack of immigration policy and yet Republicans have refused to bring immigration reform to the table. They have blocked every effort to do so.

President Obama has greatly increased border security but it takes money and the House has refused again to fund increased border patrols.

We cannot place a border guard every 10 feet. The great wall has been breached by smugglers time and again. Deportations are up and have been vastly increased under Obama.

Sowell apparently accuses recent immigrants of being illiterate, dependent, possible criminals or even terrorists.

He accuses them of possibly spreading epidemics. What epidemics? Ebola? Wrong countries.

He states these “illegals” might change the culture of our country. What culture? Is there one American culture they might contaminate? Immigrants are usually desperate, hungry, hopeless, with dreams of a better life in America. Didn’t all our ancestors come for that if they weren’t forced here? Recent immigrants have been kids who have walked hundreds of miles, some 2,000 miles, to come here. They have embraced our border guards as signs of hope. Efforts are being made to house them, unite them with families, and give them due process by law. Others are immediately deported.

Calling out the National Guard is ridiculous and can provide no help under the law. And yet the Republicans have blocked funding to help sort this out, blaming Obama for a law passed under Bush and signed into law by him.

Will the right wing ever stop hating and start helping? Don’t hold your breath.

Maryann Mace



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