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Regarding ‘Applauding Gov. Perry’

To the Editor:

The border madness is without a doubt a national disgrace. It is a moral failure that belies belief!! Children sent by desperate parents hundreds of miles alone with no food, money or an adult.

We have to make some hard choices, painful as they might be. However Mr. Stoeffler’s solution (“Letters to the Editor,” West Newsmagazine, July 30) is so absurd its makes me laugh.

Missouri is never going to provide money or allow the National Guard to be deployed.

Stoeffler reminds me of  a modern day “Man of LaMancha” dreaming the impossible dream. This theme is in all of his missives. Long on patriotism and short on reality. Perhaps his time is better spent jousting at the border, shouting at the Border Patrol and generally getting in the way of the people trying to resolve this problem.

If Missourians are needed at the border maybe he can start a volunteer brigade. I want to see him lead a 10-year-girl with little or nothing to her name across the Rio Grande.

Mark Wismar



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