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National Braille Challenger takes third place

Richie Tienter, a third-grade student at Westridge Elementary, placed third at the National Braille Challenge in Los Angeles on June 21. Tienter competed in the freshman group that represents the top 12 scores of third- and fourth-grade students across the nation.

“When they announced his name for third place winner freshman division, I don’t know who was more excited – him, his dad, or me!” exclaimed Tienter’s mother, Ann.“

“Richie’s thirst for knowledge is contagious for those around him,” said teacher Elizabeth Cook. “He continues to set and achieve challenging goals for his progress in and out of the classroom. I feel honored to have been with him as his Braille literacy blossomed, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the world.”

The Braille Challenge is a fun academic contest that promotes braille literacy and serves as a reward for students who have worked hard to improve their braille skills. Students ranging from first grade through high school compete in up to five categories including reading, speed, accuracy, comprehension and spelling as well as reading charts and graphs in braille.


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