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In reply to “ Enacting Article V of the U.S. Constitution,” Letters to the Editor, West Newsmagazine, July 9, Bill Walker wrote: “Mr. Mareing gives excellent reasons to hold a convention. However, his information is incorrect. For example he suggests only a few states have filed applications for a convention call by Congress. You can read the 746 applications from 49 states at www.foavc.org. The states reached the two-thirds mark required by the Constitution on Friday, March 13, 1908. Isn’t it about time people started asking Congress to do what is required and call the convention?”

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In reply to “Wildwood decides against widening part of Wild Horse Creek Road,” West Newsmagazine, July 9), a reader identified as “Wild Horse disaster,” wrote: “The bicyclists have ruined Wild Horse Creek Road! Wildwood should make the road safe for motorists and bicyclists or ban bicycling on these roads. The roads have no shoulders, sharp turns that you can’t see around (because Wildwood can’t seem to keep vegetation trimmed), and steep hills. Bicyclists refuse to obey the traffic signs, or let cars pass. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed; meanwhile the geniuses on the city council think they should coexist – ridiculous!”

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