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Applauding Gov. Perry

To the Editor:

I applaud Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-Texas) decision to send the Texas National Guard to augment the U.S. border patrol, which is overwhelmed by a massive influx of illegal aliens crossing our southern border and hamstrung by the lack of support from our national government.

Without the support of the federal government this will cost the citizens of Texas millions of dollars. Under normal circumstances – had the Texas guard’s deployment been initiated by President Obama –this would be an expense shared by every American taxpayer. But because of the president’s inaction Gov. Perry acted, and thus the burden will fall on every taxpaying Texan. This inaction by Mr. Obama is outrageous.

As I and a myriad of other Americans see it, this massive invasion across our southern border threatens every American and thus should require a national response, if not by Washington then by the collective action of the states.

What to do?

To start I urge Gov. Nixon to call a special session of the Missouri General Assembly to either  authorize the deployment of a number of National Guard troops to assist the Texas National Guard, or authorize sending monies to Texas to help offset the expenses incurred. To accomplish this I suggest that the General Assembly vote for a new tax, such as a one-eighth-cent sales tax designated to support deployment with a six-month sunset provision. Should an extension of the time be required due to Washington’s continued recalcitrance, then the money designated for the expenses of the Missouri Guard’s deployment again must be approved. And when all is said and done the states should sue the federal government to recover all expenses incurred.

Every American has skin in this game, and thus it is incumbent upon every citizen to support such a proposal as I have presented. Missouri is the “Show-Me State” and as such should show the way to the legislators of every state. Our national security demands this.

John Stoeffler



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