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Dozens of cars damaged in Lake Saint Louis fire

State Fire Marshals are investigating a Lake Saint Louis fire that left over 30 vehicles damaged, some of which were completely consumed by the flames.

On July 28, at approximately 2:45 a.m., Lake Saint Louis Police Officers and local fire protection districts responded to Camden Cedar Lake apartments for a fire in the parking area underneath the carport structures.

According to Lake Saint Louis Lieutenant Pat Doering, the origins of the fire are reported as coming from a single vehicle in the carport.
There is currently no exact total on the amount of vehicles destroyed by the fire, but Doering said that some of the vehicles were completely engulfed by the flames, and severely damaged.

“There’s a couple (cars) where you couldn’t even tell what they were,” Doering said.

Doering said that the fire spread rapidly throughout the wooden carport, but added that nobody was injured in the blaze.

“The only good thing is, it was contained in the parking lot and didn’t get into the apartment area,” Doering said.

The State Fire Marshals are currently investigating the situation, and Doering said that they have already released the scene of the fire.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Lake Saint Louis Police Department at (636) 625-8018.

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