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Protect your constitutional rights

We have a federal government that chooses which laws they will abide by and which laws they will ignore. Yet we as citizens are expected to abide by every law and regulation, even those that are in violation of our US Constitution. Federal agencies are ignoring our Constitution and targeting those who disagree with the current administration. Congress passes 200 to 300 new laws every year but federal agencies issue 3,000 or more new regulations each year. HHS on the so-called affordable health care act alone has issued 11,000 pages of new regulations. We have a government that is simply out of control and it is time we the people stood up and spoke out to take back our country.

Our local county sheriff has the legal authority and constitutional responsibility to protect the citizens against illegal and unconstitutional actions of the federal and state agencies. Approximately 98 percent of the counties in the US have sheriffs elected by and accountable to the people. As of Jan. 1, 2015 we will have a Police Chief appointed by and accountable to a small group of politicians. We the people can change that by signing the Sheriff Preservation petition that will allow this issue to be placed on the Nov ballot so the voters of St Charles County can decide.

There will be a meeting Tuesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. at St Peters City Hall on Mexico Road that will explain this issue in more detail and provide you the opportunity to sign the petition to keep the office of sheriff accountable to the people. Petitions will also be available at area libraries on Saturday, Aug. 2. For more info call 314-807-3362 or email Gary.Feller@att.net

Gary Feller

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