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Ellisville development

To the Editor:

Ellisville resident Robert Kerr’s criticism of our Economic Development Commission is not shared by the rest of us residents. Walmart was only coming to Ellisville if we taxpayers gave them over $10 million in tax increment financing.

Other businesses, including the “mom and pop” ones, did not get a dime from Ellisville. How long would his idea of the increase in sales tax collection take to offset that over $10 million taxpayer freebie to Walmart?

As for that Tri-Star Mercedes-Benz dealership closer to Wildwood, why would Ellisville need a city hall that far out in an oversized building with a country club-looking entrance?

So back to Walmart, did Mr. Kerr not hear the recent news of the list of the richest people in the United States? The Walmart Walton’s are No. 1, good for over $158 billion. If Walmart wants to come to Ellisville, they can do it on their own money, just like our “mom and pops” did.

Mary A. Dust


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