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Regarding Common Core

To the Editor:

Wow! Your June 25 issue had two powerful articles.

Tricia Reichardt’s Letter to the Editor, “Common Core: The real stealth jihad,” was a knockout description of how Common Core lowers the learning bar. Overwhelm, Overpower, and Overtake were three detailed sections describing destruction of each child’s unique talents to follow distant strangers’ agenda. Parents’ protests are ignored. No law was passed, just “executive-style” orders from CEOs and the White House.

As a retired teacher, I also loved reading the cover story, “Fanning the Flames of Success – Parkway School District is poised to ignite a spark for students and local businesses.” It was exciting – polar opposite to Common Core’s stealth jihad. Parkway’s brand-new entrepreneurial program is students working with businesses and even a national entrepreneur. This article’s three sections were titled “She has the spark,” “Unprecedented opportunities”, and “A springboard for the future.” This is American education at its best – encouraging every student to discover their talents and help them succeed.

Please do what Tricia Reichardt urged: “Contact Governor Nixon immediately and voice your protest against Common Core before it’s too late!” We need a tsunami of emails to the governor, our state representatives and state senators. All emails are required to be printed and read by staff. It’s not a phone message with a staffer writing yes or no on an issue.

Group emails are disregarded, but the same message can be sent to any state legislator.

Don’t settle for a limited, 2-year community college common preparation. These kids will decide our fate as we age. Remember, we need a tsunami to stop this high-speed Common Core takeover.

Marjie Saiter



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