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Has World War III begun?

To the Editor:

How are we going to know when World War III has begun? I mean the non-nuclear WW3.

Does it start with the capture of Crimea by Russians? Does it start with the Chinese military declaring its dominance over Japanese, Philippine and Vietnamese islands in the South and East China Seas? Does it start with poison gas used against civilians in Syria? Does it start with radical Muslim ISIS combat troops capturing a large part of Syrian and Iraqi territory? Does it start with the capture of 300 school girls in Nigeria? Does it start with the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers? Does it start with a plane carrying nearly 300 passengers being shot out of the sky while flying 33,000 feet above Eastern Ukraine?

History is often a process of looking back to see when an event meant something important. As of this moment, the night of the day when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot from the sky, none of the above events means something important enough to Western governments.

Earlier today I heard television commentator Juan Williams state that no one wants to go to war with Russia. Maybe so, but the Russians and their allies have committed an act of war and have therefore started the war whether anyone in the West wants it or not.

Are the Russians going to win this war because the West refuses to fight back?

They took Crimea from Ukraine with barely a verbal shot being fired by the West. They attacked Georgia in 2008, again with almost no consequences. They are protecting Iran as Iran prepares to produce nuclear weapons.

Has WW3 begun and nobody told the American people? Time will tell.

Lee Presser


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