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LSL Aldermen to vote on sizable corporate addition at July 21 meeting

A major expansion of a business in Lake Saint Louis could add jobs to the area and additional tax revenue for the city.

National Information Solutions Cooperative wants to add a 44,000-square-foot addition to their present facility. The addition will essentially add a two-story addition next to its present building.

Jackie Rocha, manager of operations and facilities at NISC in Lake Saint Louis, said the addition will provide additional space for mail equipment, technology and employees.

The cooperative’s Lake Saint Louis location, one of four NISC campuses in the United States, opened in 2005. NISC designs and supports software solutions for utility and telecommunications organizations and has grown dramatically in recent years, Rocha said.

A big part of NISC’s day-to-day business is the Automated Mailroom Services (AMS) division, which prints and mails billing statements and other notices. The company sends out an estimated 7 million electric bills each month.

For the expansion to happen, the Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen must approve a site plan review that requires the consolidation of a 30.9-acre and 3.45-acre parcel. The company facility is south of Lake Saint Louis Boulevard, west of Ballantrae Subdivision, east of Technology Drive and north of The Meadows shopping center.

Rocha said the facility has about 400 employees and needs the new space to spread them out as well as for adding needed mailing equipment.

There is no plan for hiring a massive number of employees for the new space but company staffing is on the rise.

“We’re hiring new people all the time,” Rocha said.

In just the past year, NISC added 55 employees at their Lake Saint Louis location and expanded its business. The new space will accommodate staff that the company has hired as well as new employees over time, Rocha said.

The board is expected to take final action on the company’s proposed site plan at its July 21 meeting. NISC hopes to begin construction in September.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said the tax revenue is welcome.

“Most importantly it’s the jobs,” he added. “If someone says their hiring, we’re going to do whatever we can to try to accommodate them.”

Markworth said other companies are also expanding nearby. And the city hopes that the completion of the third phase of Hwy. 364, which ends at I-64 and Hwy. N, will spur new development activity.



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