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Smoothie King offers nutrition on the go for ‘everyone who loves a delicious drink’

Cherry and Ceasar Villegas with their O’Fallon staff.

Cherry and Ceasar Villegas with their O’Fallon staff.

Getting a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables is as easy as ordering a delicious, refreshing drink  at Smoothie King.

“We are smoothies with a purpose,” said Cherry Villegas, co-owner of the Cottleville and O’Fallon Smoothie King locations. “We have a variety of smoothies to meet your needs. Whether you need to get toned, recover faster from a workout or get enough energy to keep up with your kids, we have a smoothie for you.”

Smoothie King also offers smoothies to help customers build muscle or slim down.

Customers can add a muscle builder, which contains 100 percent pure Creatine Monohydrate and amino acids L-Glutamine and Taurine, to help increase strength and endurance while speeding up recovery after a workout. Or they can ask for their smoothie to be made “skinny” by cutting out the raw, natural sugar Turbinado and slashing 100 calories.

Customers also can add a shot of multivitamins to their smoothie. The multivitamin contains B-Complex vitamins to help improve the health of one’s cardiovascular systems, nervous system, hair, skin and nails and to assist in converting food into energy. In addition, the vitamin contains antioxidant vitamins C and E as well as Zinc and Selenium along with other nutrients to support immune function and protect cells.

For Villegas, a love for smoothies was the perfect recipe for a new business.

“I just love the smoothies at Smoothie King,” said Villegas, who along with her husband, Ceasar, opened the first Smoothie King in St. Charles County in 2008.

That first location was at 4765 Hwy. N at the intersection of Hwy. N and Mid Rivers Mall Drive in Cottleville. The company now employs 17 people and opened its second location on June 26  in O’Fallon.

The target market for Smoothie King, is “everyone who loves a delicious drink,” Villegas said. She recommends new customers try the Caribbean Way smoothie.

“It’s a smooth blend of fresh bananas, strawberries and papaya,” Villegas said.

She added that Smoothie King recently added a new line of smoothies that will make it very easy for customers to “drink” their vegetables.

Customers can make any smoothie a meal, by adding a meal enhancer full of protein and fiber and those looking for a healthy dose of energy can add a shot of pure caffeine. A more natural caffeine from energy sources like green coffee beans, berries and vitamin B12 can also be blended into the smoothie.

For customers who want something they can sink their teeth into, Smoothie King also offers a variety of nutritional noshes – from protein muffins and cookies to dark chocolate cashews and mixed nuts to veggie chips and peanut butter pretzels as well as the widest selection of protein bars from retailers nationwide.

“We sell healthy snacks, nutritional and sports supplements, and freshly juiced organic wheatgrass,” Villegas said, explaining that the company’s quest is simple.

“To make living a healthier, more active lifestyle delicious and nutritious,” Villegas said.

Morning, noon or night, Smoothie King can blend the perfect combination of nutrients for a delicious meal or snack.


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