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Economic Development in Ellisville

To the Editor:

I read in wonderment the article on the filling of the Economic Development Commission in Ellisville (West Newsmagazine, June 25). I wonder, “If a K-Mart closes, can Walmart now be built?

One of the reasons Walmart was not built was because it would put out of business the so called “mom and pop” stores, which I think some in the community cited. Maybe the newly hired economic development consultant, Eugene Norber, could approach Walmart to see if they would like to build a store on the corner of Clarkson and Manchester or at the empty Best Buy lot.

If that could be agreed upon, then the city would increase the sales tax collection – that would pay for the city services by tenfold – and there would be no need for for an Economic Development Commission or an economic development consultant at any cost.

Problem solved.

Now, Ellisville will have a two-year study and nothing will be accomplished except a great deal of hot air expended.

Of course, there’s much more to consider than the corner of Manchester and Clarkson roads; there also are the empty buildings of K-Mart, Best Buy and the soon-to-be-empty Mercedes Benz dealership.

Since the city was so short-sighted a year ago, I am sure I will be driving by empty lots and vacant buildings.

But again, why should Walmart deal with such short-sighted individuals? They, after all, are a company with a well run business model – something the Economic Development Commission is currently looking for. Go figure

Robert Kerr



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